Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Two fer Two

Toof number two fell out last night...and I hadn't even marked the occasion from the departure of tooth number one. Sadly, that's what happens when
your birth order is child numero three in this clan.
Lost in the shuffle, I haven't even filled in the pictures for his baby album.
How sad is that? Forgive me dear child. I still love you.
Check out his letter to the fairy though- mom gets all the blame for this one.

"Dear toothfairy. When my mommy tickled me, I swallowed my tooth!"

 The first one was swallowed while eating his dinner. The second, was swallowed when mommy was tickling him. The toothfairy has been rather understanding about the lack of teeth under the pillow,...for now. Perhaps she's been understanding because the kid writes such well annotated and courteous notes!

'Dear Toothfairy, When I ate my dinner I ate my tooth on accident. Love Emory'

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