Saturday, June 8, 2013

A few days with the Brickeys

We made it, and upon arrival, Aunt Julie, Aunt Bets + Uncle Pete met us after a weary journey. We hauled the 10 suitcases to cars, fed the kids quickly and then they dropped us off at our first place to catch up from a long time away- the Brickey house.
There's nothing like a bit of respite upon arrival with old friends. Well, no rest for the weary honestly, but it was great fun with all the kids. Most importantly, our kids realized that they have friends waiting with open arms here to show them 'the American way' and the Brickey's made it an incredible and fun welcome.
Thanks Paula, for opening your door and your heart, all over again!

PS Miss Paula- thanks for introducing them to the dollar store. Great fun :)


Tammie Everly said...

Glad to see you are back in old Virginia~ Hope all is going as smoothly as it can. Keep posting so we can follow your new adventures.

Mariya Pinto said...

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