Saturday, July 20, 2013

Namma's 94th

Namma, Matt's grandmother, celebrated her 94th birthday this week. The kids had a great time with festivities, from water balloon launches, water guns and the slip n' slide, to ice cream cake, there was no shortage of activities...or food. Believe me, quite an affair! For us, it was fantastic to play with the cousins and spend some time with them after so many years away.
Some snaps-


Thanks Jeannie and Gary for hosting all of us.
 Namma, this was so much fun and we're glad we could finally be here to help celebrate.
We can't wait for your 95th! Happy Happy Birthday!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Aunt Karrie

If we can, when we're up home visiting family, we like to make the trek to see Aunt Karrie. It's a day trip, and never disappointing. She (unnecessarily) showers the kids with gifts and they consequently believe that Christmas in July always happens at Aunt Karen's :) Thanks Aunt Karrie for a great visit. Now we're just going to be waiting for you to make the trek to Virginia to see us!

Dudley Dog


It was with much sadness and heavy hearts that we had to put Dudley dog to sleep today.
The kids said their good byes, and took some time with him, but that didn't make it easier.
He's been with us since well before the kids came along, and even in his very old age, he never snapped or even gave us cause to be angry with him. He was an amazing dog, who logged over 40,000 flight miles, traveling with us as an important part of our family, no matter where the military orders. At age 15, he'd surely lived a full life, still loved a walk in the evening, and a treat when offered. We're going to miss him more than words can say.