Saturday, January 4, 2014

He made this- the swing couch

Matt made this from old barn wood, restored and refinished into a swing couch. We love it.

Hung by 4 thick ropes from ceiling beams, it hangs in our living room in front of a fireplace....a dreamy place to curl up with a book on these snowy winter days.

Perhaps though, today we should mention that what's important isn't necessarily the couch, but the folks who sit on it. Today, Matt left for a 10 month deployment to Afghanistan. (We took this pic on our way out the door-)

The kids hardly remember the last deployment, which was equally as long, when he departed from Guam. At least we're not in Guam this time around, but I'm still dreading the unending deployment and misery of single parenting while trying to hold down a full time job. Thank you Matt for the swing couch- we'll keep your seat warm and we'll be waiting patiently for you to get back.



Bethany said...

Thinking of you and your sweet kids Mandy! Sending love and prayers from the Slautterbacks!

Mariya Pinto said...

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Bus Driver said...

Heartbreaking. I know no one else who could handle it as well you , mama. Take care of YOU too. Beautiful swing, Matt. Beautiful kids. Will think about you guys. We are lucky that we only have to do it for 8 months :-(

jamie said...

Thinking of you guys and looked you up again - it's been a while. Is Matt back home yet??